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Our Services are community-based, family-focused, and specifically designed for ethnic minorities. We help build your mental muscles so that you can exceed expectations in all areas of your life. Our health & wellness advocates, educators, mental health therapists, and professionals partner with African-American, as well as Minority women, men, children, families, and caregivers, using a strength-based approach to help achieve positive outcomes. This approach is designed to support existing strengths and empowers individuals, parents, and caregivers to replicate this strength in relationship enhancement.


Our Approach
We partner with African-American Families and our global community to embrace resilience and unapologetically conquer education, emotional and health disparities that pose a threat to healthy growth and development in ethnic minorities.


Together we can Thrive!

Our Call To Action

It is time to renew the promise of health and human services in advancing social progress, end America’s discomfort with race and social difference, and deal directly with many of the issues of inequality present in everyday life.


The U.S. Census (2005) projects that by mid-century, half of the population will be racial/ethnic minorities, nearly one-quarter of them Latino. Many states and cities are already facing these population shifts.

The disaster of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 factually swept away social infrastructure, making racial and economic inequalities blatantly apparent.


The same marginal existence of low-income, racial/ethnic minorities exists in many American cities, including the ones in which we serve. Our agency is unapologetically taking action that will close the widening social gaps.

Our Child Guidance Centers are nationally acclaimed providers of holistic and culturally-informed mental health services for children, adolescents, and their families. Our agenda is to continue to assist high-needs families in historically underserved communities and provide quality mental health services to a community in great need by ensuring easy access and promoting early childhood mental health and intervention. Our clinical  pioneers and educators deliver  innovative interventions  that meet emerging needs, promote social-emotional wellness, and focus

on community service equality.


Services are provided in community-based centers in Kentucky, Indiana, Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida.  We serve a combination of 25 schools/in-home daycare centers across the country.  Services are delivered at health centers,  domestic violence shelters, clients’ homes, and in other community settings. Our highly trained staff offers clients access to a comprehensive array of services, including nationally recognized, trauma-informed evidence-based practices.

Rural Mental Health Project:

Expanding and Strengthening Care Coordination and Access to Cultural Interventions,  

The Rural Mental Health Project is a developing call for action focused on providing care coordination services to address our clients’ social determinants of health needs. By addressing our client's needs, we help decrease barriers and increase access to physical and mental health care in ethnic minority communities across the country.


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1602 E. 10th Street, Jeffersonville, IN 47130


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